What if it rains on my wedding day?

What if it rains on my wedding day?

Ok, I’m a wedding photographer based in South Wales and lets be honest in the UK, it rains, a lot! Everyone hopes for good weather on their wedding day but you just can’t predict it. Over the lat year I have photographed weddings in the middle of summer when its been raining then come the winter some of the weddings I photographed had beautiful dry sunny weather. If it rains on your wedding day, don’t worry, it’s not going to ruin your day. You’re getting married!!!! This is the best day ever whether its bright sunshine or thunderstorms and pouring rain it will be a fantastic day and I will make sure you get amazing images!

Even if it does rains on your wedding day, it probably won’t rain all day and we can still get those outdoor photographs that you were planning on. On a rainy wedding day I’m always keeping an eye on the weather so if we do get a break in it, even if its 10 minutes, we can pop outside and get some shots, Even if it is a drizzly, most venues will have some outdoor cover that we can use to have your photographs taken under, ensuring you stay dry but we still get some awesome photographs!

In fact, rain on your wedding day can actually be a good thing! Here, here are a few reasons why -

  •  Rain makes for one-of-a-kind wedding photos

  • Wedding flowers last longer in the rain

  • A rainy wedding makes for a great story

  • Rain on a wedding day means good luck!

  • Rain creates a romantic wedding atmosphere